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6 Tips For Bulk Storage In A Warehouse

Creating a dynamic storage solution doesn't have to be difficult and confusing. If you need some advice deciding is this method of warehouse storage is right for your business, here's a quick list of 6 tips.

  1. Consider What Types Of Items Will Be Stored
    Before designing and organising your warehouse, you need to carefully consider the different type of items that you will be storing there and if they have any handling requirements, for example some items are much more difficult to handle if they are packaged in boxes, meaning that alternative packaging methods are needed.

    It's also important to consider the shape of the item as this will play a significant role in determining the type of pallets you will be using to store you item and as such, will dictate what options are available for your warehouse's pallet storage system.

  2. Decide What Stock Handling System You Will Use
    Another variable you'll need to consider when planning a bulk storage solution for your warehouse is the specific stock handling system you plan on using. For example, if you are planning to use a forklift, you'll need to ensure that your warehouse utilise drive-in racks and has ample space to provide the operators with good manoeuvrability.

  3. Think Carefully About How High The Items Will Be Stacked
    When designing a bulk storage area, you need to take careful note of the size of the room you're building the dynamic storage system in. For example, you need to carefully consider the whether the pallets you will be using are stackable and if so, how high they can be stacked on top of each other.

  4. Implement A Good Hygiene & Cleaning Policy
    Keeping the warehouse clean is very important. It only takes an hour or two a week, but keeping the building clean can provide numerous benefits with regards to efficiency. With a clean and less cluttered working environment, your employees will be able to navigate the warehouse easier, which is especially important if your employees use forklifts to pick items as clutter free driving areas are essential for the operation of such vehicles.

  5. Don't Forget About Important Safety Features
    With regards to designing a warehouse storage area, safety needs to be at the forefront of your mind. After all, a safe warehouse is an efficient warehouse; so it should be a priority whilst designing the pallet stacking and other storage systems.

    With regards to safety, the P&D team can provide a wide range of services and solutions including barriers, load notices, anti-collapse mesh screening, inspections, and more.

  6. Customise The Storage Solutions To Your Industry's Needs
    When designing the storage area of your warehouse, it is important that you consider the needs of your industry. What works well for one business may not work well for your business. For example, different styles of shelving are better suited to different sectors. For example, some businesses may find that smaller racks boost efficiency by allowing for easier daily picking; however others may find that larger racks may be more advantageous as they allow them to make better use out of the available space.

Is Dynamic Storage Right For Your Business?

There are numerous storage solutions to consider when designing a storage warehouse and it is very important that you consider the pros and cons of each solution before making an overall decision. After all, your chosen solution could have serious consequences for your business with regards to cost and logistics, either for better or worse.

One of the advantages of a dynamic solution is that it is provides your staff with a boost to efficiency. However, dynamic warehouse systems aren't always the best option for a business, for example in a slow moving environment where lulls in product movement are common, dynamic nature of some storage solutions can be very disadvantages for businesses.

What Other Storage Solutions Are Available For Your Business

In addition to storage solutions that utilise dynamic storage, P&D Projects can also provide a wide range of professional storage and interiors services. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Archive Storage – With regards to long term storage solutions, we can provide a range of systems to assist your business. This includes shelving systems such as static and mobile shelving, or alternatively tiered pallet racking installations.
  • Small Parts Storage – This includes plastic drawer units, containers, and feeder trolleys. The storage solutions available can be used independently or combined, forming an integrated system.
  • Hazchem Storage – Material stores include a variety of products suitable for Hazchem storage and handling. For example, adjustable vents, fire protection, and material stores.
  • External Storage – P&D offer a full range of IBC storage containers which are available in a wide range of different sizes. These containers are typically supplied with a sump, ventilation, and earth grounding accessory kits.

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